Sergomil-L 60

Systemic copper. Liquid foliar fertilizer. EC fertilizer (EU-fertilizer)

Producer: SERVALESA SL. Valencia-Spain
EU Fertilizer
Active ingredient: ,5 % (w/w) Copper in water soluble form
pH – 3,0 – 3,5 strong acidic effect

SERGOMIL-L 60 foliar fertilizer can be used to relieve the copper deficiency symptoms of plants, to prevent the development of deficiency symptoms.

BIOSTIMULATOR: Enhances the plant’s self-defense mechanism against external effects by stimulating biochemical processes. CONDITIONER: promotes the formation of polyphenols and phytoalexins, which are the primary substances of the plant defense mechanism.
  Ingredient content: 5.5% (w / w) copper in water-soluble form.

Using SERGOMIL-L 60, phytotoxic symptoms resulting from excessive copper dosing or unfavorable salting do not occur. There should be at least 15 days between two treatments.
Applied by irrigation, the treatment can be sed a 10 to 15 day interval.

Do not use SERGOMIL-L 60 fertilizer in a stressful stage of the plant (extreme cold or warm weather, in drought, weak root development). It is recommended to carry out spraying in the morning or late afternoon.
Water soluble Cu content: 5.5% (w / w).
pH – 3.0 – 3.5 in strongly acidic solution.
Avoid using the tank mix if possible.
It can NOT be used with other foliar fertilizers or highly alkaline, lime-rich, high N, S, P foliar fertilizers or pesticides.

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