Green Miracle

Plant conditioner, evaporation redaction, antitranspirant.
Usage mainly in hot summer weather, to avoid the fitotoxic effect of strong sunshine irradiation.

Registration holder and product producer: T. Stanes &Company Ltd. 641018 Coimbatore, Race Course Road 8/23-24., India
Registration number: 04.2/815-3/2017 NÉBIH
Active ingredient: fatty acids, water, additive materials, (emulsifier, neutralizing agent, stabilizer)
Labour hygienic waiting time: 0 day

In vegetable cultures to improve the condition of plants at a concentration of 0.3%,
in fenological stage of  before flowering, at the time of binding and 10 days before harvest.

To protect bees and other pollinating insects, do not use in flowering periods! It is not applicable in the presence of blooming weeds.

Before mixing with other pesticides and other conditioner, plant strengthener, a mixing test is required!

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