Special formulation, nitrogen and sulfur supply of the crops to increase.
Absorbed the systemic sulfur content the structure of a cell and the inert peptid content is improved.
Due to this effect, the plant tissues are wider/ more layer, and it has more resistancy to external damage.
Plant could be more resistant to climatic influences and other external stress conditions.
The protection at the leaf surface are formulated due to the more layers of the epidermis and the subcutaneous tissues.
The double locking effect of nitrogen due to the concentrated solution and absorbing sulfur content

Producer Servalesa S. L., Spanyolország
Registration number in Hungary NÉBIH 247-2/2016
Distribution category EU fertilizer

BIOZUFRE could be used in

  • arable plants for prevention or curative effect of S deficiency,
    with the spraying method in dosage 0,75 l/ha (maximum 0,25 % concentration).
    Applied at up to 1-2 times during the growing season.
  • in orchards or in grape to avoid S defficiency,  in dosage 1,5-2,0 l/ha (maximum 0,25 % concentration), after the flowering stage, 2-4 times a year.

The applications has to be finished 15 days before harvesting, and has to be keep minimum 15 days interval between applications.

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