3 product- 1 time
Joint effect on dicotyledonous weeds.

4 active substances
3 different mode of action
2 hours get in the plants
1 favor of goal

In rapids, rapid action, spectacular destruction of dicotyledonous weeds with spring problems.
It is an effective choice for overgrown and spring-loaded weeds, but is also a perfect solution for many important perennials (eg field acat, blackberry).
Use it for success.

Registration number of technological package: 04.2/190-1/2018 NÉBIH
Active ingredients of products: ERGON herbicide
68 g/kg metszulfuron-metil + 682 g/kg tifenszulfuron-metil
GALISTOP herbicide
200 g/l fluroxipir
Galistop similar to Barclay Hurler registered as 200 04.2/830-1/2012 NÉBIH
KABUKI herbicide
26,5 g/l piraflufen-etil

Technological package for weed control of 10 ha autumn wheat, autumn barley, spring barley
  shall be appliyed according to the lregistration  of the  products inside.

The herbicide collection pack contains:
Ergon 350 g + Galistop 5 ltr + Kabuki 0,75 ltr

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