FlorGib Tablet

FLORGIB containing gibberellic acid (GA3), produced by fermentation of natural growth-regulating composition, which is found in many plant species in nature. The gibberellic acid has influence of acceleration on a number of biological processes, plant growth and development, flowering, fruit-set and ripening .
For successful treatments timing of treatment has an essential role.

Registration holder / Producer FINE Agrochemicals Ltd, UK / Amerilabs Technologies Inc. USA
Registration number in Hungary 04.2/3924-1/2015 NÉBIH
Active ingredient: gibberellic acid (18.7 m / m%) 204 g / kg = 1 g / tablet (1 tablet = 4.9 g) water-soluble tablets (ST)
Distribution category III.

Requested technology of application:

  • pear for groth regulation, enhancement of fruit setting, starting from beginning of flowering (BBCH 62) till the finishing of flowering (BBCH 69). Dosage: 12 tablet/ in 1000 liter water volume used in spraying of plantation.
  • grape for groth regulation, to reduce curl compaction, starting when cluster primordia definitely become visible  (BBCH 53) up to 50% flowering (BBCH 65), Dosage: 8-16 tablets / ha in 500 l water / ha, and applied by spraying
  • rhubarb growth regulation, after planting the first appearance of sprouts (BBCH 09) during the period from  stem formation (BBCH 10) Dosage: 10 tablets / 100 l water, applied by the stock irrigation (0.25 l / plant) 
  • ornamental plant growth regulator, during vegetative growth to flowering Dosage: 6-16 tablets / 100 l water dose applied at spraying

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