Click Pro

Postemergent herbicide, wide range of selectivity, radical efficacy.

Distribution category: II.
Very good and conforable applications in all maize/corn plantation (for feeding, seed, sweetcorn)

Producer Syngenta AG. (CH-4002) Basel, Swiss
Registration number in Hungary: 04.2/110-1/2017. NÉBIH
Click Pro is equal witth CALARIS PRO hebicide registered 04.2/3528-1/2012. NÉBIH
Active ingredient: terbutilazin 326 g/l + mezotrion 50 g/l

After emergence of the maize, CLICK PRO herbicide should be applied as post-emergent tank-mixture with wetting agent, and dosage 1.8 – 2.3 l / ha. The land application is the best timeing according  weeds development of the benchmark. Seedlings are most sensitive in the fenological stage in case of dicotyledonous weeds 2-6 leaf, in case of monocots (barnyardgrass and crabgrass species) in the 1-3 leaf stage. The herbicidal activity against monocotyledonous can be increased from 2 to 4 kg / ha of ammonium nitrate fertilizer or other liquid nitrogen addition.

When applied in tank-mixture with the other registered post-emergence herbicide, the dosage of the composition is from 1.5 to 1.8 l / ha. When applying in tank-mixtue always take into account crop protection technology standards prescribed by the combination with the authorization document.

CLICK PRO  could be applied after sowing, before emergence (preemergence), in case the dose is 2.3 l / ha.
In case of pre-emergence application, the mixture partner has to be herbicide with the efficacy against monocotyl weeds. In this case the dosage has to be followed as in the registration instruction mentioed.

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