Click Pro

Postemergent herbicide, wide range of selectivity, radical efficacy. Distribution category: II. Very good and conforable applications in all maize/corn plantation (for feeding, seed, sweetcorn)
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Herbicide for application in cereals. Application could be done in cereals (winter wheat, spring wheat, winter barley, spring barley, rye, oats, triticale) on to their 2-3 leaf...
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Posztemergent herbicide for maize againts germinated or perennial dicotyl weeds. Minerve is equal with Oceal herbicide registered under registration number 04.2/1131-1/2014. NÉBIH
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Combined package for the application of 4 hectares of CORN: 2 x 5 ltr Click Combi + 5 ltr Raikiri
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Trustee Hi-Aktiv

Glyphosate with high activity. Excellent access and flow parameters. The quick efficiency. TRUSTEE-Hi Aktiv is equal as Barclay Gallup-Hi Aktiv registered on NEBIH 04.2/1582-1/2012 number.
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