Combined package for the application of 4 hectares of CORN: 2 x 5 ltr Click Combi + 5 ltr Raikiri

2013. April 26.

Trustee Hi-Aktiv

Glyphosate with high activity.
Excellent access and flow parameters.
The quick efficiency.

TRUSTEE-Hi Aktiv is equal as Barclay Gallup-Hi Aktiv registered on NEBIH 04.2/1582-1/2012 number.

2013. April 26.

Click Pro

Postemergent herbicide, wide range of selectivity, radical efficacy.

Distribution category: II.
Very good and conforable applications in all maize/corn plantation (for feeding, seed, sweetcorn)

2017. March 28.


Herbicide for succer control in grape and potato.

2015. June 25.

Ergon Star

Herbicid for application 10-11 hectare of cereals, based on registration instructions of the inside herbicides

2013. April 26.


Herbicide for application in cereals. Application could be done in cereals (winter wheat, spring wheat, winter barley, spring barley, rye, oats, triticale) on to their 2-3 leaf stage till fenological stage of the beginning of the ear forming .  In case of combination dosage of Galistop is 0.4 l / ha, the combination partners should be applied as specified […]

2013. April 26.

Click Combi

2012. September 12.


2012. September 12.


Posztemergent herbicide for maize againts germinated or perennial dicotyl weeds.

Minerve is equal with Oceal herbicide registered under registration number 04.2/1131-1/2014. NÉBIH

2014. March 17.

Mogeton 25 WP

Effect against the following mooses: Homalothecium lutescens Eurhyneum hians Eurhyeum schleicheri Brachytecium mideanum Hypnum cuppressiforme Mnium affine Politrichum piliferum Rhytidiadelphus spuarrosus

2012. September 12.

Pledge 50 WP

2012. September 12.


2012. September 12.