Adjuvant, designed to improve the activity of pesticides as systemic and contact fungicides, insecticides and overcome factors which limit pesticide performance.

Producer: Active ingredient: Break- Thru S 240,
Ready made product: Interagro Ltd., GB.
Registration number in Hungary: 02.5/447/1/2009
Active ingredient: 210 g/kg modified poliether trisyloxan
Distribution category II, and III. in case of 250 ml package and less

crop pest max appl nmbr time between applic dosage (l/ha) water (l/ha) P.H.I. (day) aerial applic
- adjuvant - - 0,05-0,1 % - - +

Application rate 0,05-0,1 % (0,5-1,0 liter Spur/1000 liter water volume).
In case of grape and orchards add to the postemergens herbicides registered dosage 0,05-0,1 % SPUR, in case of sunflowers to the registered dosage of herbicide Pledge 50 WP add 50 ml/ha SPUR.
Improve retention and penetration.

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