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Sumi Agro Europe, is an important part of the operations of, Sumitomo Corporation, one of Japan’s leading multinational companies.

National companies in the Sumi Agro Europe group specialize in the development and distribution of technically advanced products such as seeds, fertilizers and plant protection products.

The coordination of these activities is undertaken by Sumi Agro Europe.
Together the integrated resources of Sumitomo Corporation, Sumi Agro Europe and the National companies provide a powerful platform for product development, marketing and logistics in the agriculture sector.

Sumi Agro Europe National companies are active in France, Spain, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine and Russia, while in Spain, Sumi Agro Europe operates through of Industrias Químicas del Vallés, S.A, in which Sumi Agro Europe has a shareholding.

The strength of Sumi Agro Europe lies in its market knowledge, professional product development and strong marketing and distribution team.

Sumi Agro Europe values the good contacts it has with key decision makers in the agricultural industry and seeks to build these on trust and shared values.