About Us

Welcome to the renewed website of Sumi Agro Hungary Kereskedelmi Kft. Our new website gives us the opportunity to provide our visitors with up-to-date information on our activities, our products and our professional aspirations.

The main activity of Sumi Agro Hungary Kft is to provide high-quality and safe plant protection products and other preparations for crop production in Hungary. We represent in Hungary the products of many Japanese and other manufacturers present in the region. Our task is to carry out the domestic licensing and introduction of the products of the manufacturers we represent with long-term agreements, to distribute the licensed products to the farmers through the Hungarian trade network, and last but not least to acquaint the producers with our wide range of technological solutions.

Our owner, the Japanese trading house SUMITOMO Corporation, has been working in this field in our region dating back to the ’70s. It was then that cooperation with Japanese pesticide manufacturers in the Central and Eastern European region began (Hokko Chemical, Nippon Soda Co., Nihon Nohyaku, Sumitomo Chemical, etc.). This type of activity continues today and our cooperation is expanding with new partners.

Sumi Agro Hungary Kft started its operation in Hungary in 1992. It was Sumitomo Corporation’s first ever subsidiary specializing in the distribution of agrochemicals. The outstanding results of the joint work of Hungarian and Japanese specialists are marked by the fact that the business model, which has been operating successfully in Hungary for almost 30 years through Sumi Agro Hungary, has appeared on several continents by now. Similar subsidiaries have been set up in 37 countries, and groups of companies have been set up on two continents (Sumi Agro Europe, Sumi Agro South-America) to promote regional development. As a result, we also entered the market in Europe with our original products (Inazuma, Yamato). The Agriscience Business Line (ASBL) was established within the Japanese trading house of Sumitomo Corporation, which has grown into a global group of companies by today. ASBL supports the development of the group by significant financial and intellectual resources.

The aim is to supply agricultural production even more widely, and our group is now taking its share of the agricultural production equipment trade. By 2020, we have purchased and operated national trading companies in 3 countries (Romania, Brazil, Ukraine) to better supply farmers.

We would like to give you a few more details about our activities in Hungary. Our company offers a wide range of solutions for plant protection for almost all crops. Our products and technologies have high technical content and favorable environmental parameters. You can read about our insecticides, acaricides and fungicides, herbicides, dressings and desiccants and other special products in detail on our website.

An important and new area in our scope of activities is the development and introduction of biological preparations and biostimulants for producers. This project, which brings together products under the brand name SEIPRO, will play an important role in the future as an effective complement to traditional plant protection.

It is a significant task for us to carry out the introduction of Japanese and other products in Hungary and the development of technology as efficiently as possible. Authorization of novelties is an increasingly difficult and lengthy process due to the European Union’s progressively stringent licensing conditions.

Our trained and experienced professionals in all areas help producers to apply our technologies effectively and efficiently. Please feel free to contact our specialists at our headquarters in Budapest and our regional consulting engineers throughout the country.